Should humans try to become biologically immortal?

Biological immortality

People often tell me that a good life is supposed to end in old age, but I disagree. I think we have a moral duty to eradicate great evils, so I think we have a moral duty to eradicate aging. Consider an imaginary illness called "HIV/SCHMAIDS." SCHMAIDS is like HIV/AIDS, except at just the point when a person would die from AIDS, they'd spontaneously recover from SCHMAIDS. Now, of course AIDS is way worse than SCHMAIDS. SCHMAIDS, even if it were real, would not be the great evil that AIDS is. So it is really death that is the great evil. But the number of deaths caused by AIDS is tiny compared to the unimaginable carnage of aging: in just two weeks, aging kills around 1.5 million people—more people than AIDS kills in an entire year! Aging is the major cause of death on earth. So aging, too, is a great evil.

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